April showers

April 21, 2013 |  by

It’s a gloomy, rainy day in Yerevan. It is expected to snow tomorrow. So weird! And then the next day 70s??????? Cough cough global warming cough cough…

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I’m pretty happy about these April showers because that means May flowers but more importantly Spring fruits and vegetables in the markets! In honor of this gloomy weather, I baked a carrot cake. Our oven and I have had a rocky relationship with one another. I think it’s because of the whole Fahrenheit/Celsius thing. But slowly we are beginning to understand one another and the cake turned out well.

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An afternoon at home with some pomegranate tea (thanks Aline) & cake

To end the post, I would like to run down some words in Armenian that we went over in class last week. COLORS! Now there are a handful of colors that are different in Eastern and Western Armenian but for the most part they are they same (with slightly different pronunciation). And as an added bonus, some colors actually help you learn other words too!

The word gooyn = color

speetak = white
black = sev
brown = shaganakagooyn (bonus: shaganak is chestnut. Literally chestnut color)
red = karmeer
orange =  nareenjagooyn (bonus: nareenj is orange!)
yellow = degheen
green = kanach
blue = kapooyt
purple =  manooshakagooyn (bonus: manooshak = violet plant!)
gray = mokhragooyn (bonus: mokheer = ash!)
pink =  vardagooyn (bonus: vard = rose!)

Until next time…