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April 10, 2013 |  by

Armenia’s president was inaugurated on Tuesday. Same guy. Couldn’t go to the inauguration. I had my outfit all planned then they shut down the metro stop. I went to Liberty Square instead where Raffi Hovannisian gathered a lot of people and said well not much. He’s been doing that a lot lately. Then a bunch of other stuff happened throughout the day and night. Here is a synopsis and here and here and here. I can’t really put a finger on the pulse. It’s never been my forté with politics. The pulse seems to be irregular. Where is Raffi Hovannisian going with what he is doing? Do we or the people know: no. Does he know: questionable. Where will this all end up: who knows…

photo (11)

A scene from Liberty Square on April 9, 2013

Check out some photos by Biayna Mahari with a special cameo made by Allen (eating sunflower seed at the rally like a true Armenian!) Ok but back to the fun stuff. I have been searching high and low for allspice. Not knowing the Armenian translation of a word can be quite challenging. But after a week or so and asking around here and there, Lena came to the rescue telling me that it’s available in the market and is called “black pepper fragrant” In Russian, it is dushistiy perec.

photo (13)

Mysterious black pepper fragrant

Yes, a bit of a mind trick since allspice is not black pepper but I guess the fragrant part makes it allspice. I bought some, I ground it. And now ladies and gentlemen, I have fresh allspice for all my cooking needs.

photo (12)


Next mission: finding brown rice that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Carrefour, where art thou?!?!??

I am going to add a twist to the ending of this post and all future blogs I write. Many of our five followers may know that I am learning Eastern Armenian. To say that I love the class is an understatement. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are my favorite days because I get to go to class! (More on the class another time). So I thought I would end each blog with a new Eastern Armenian word/phrase/saying, etc. A favorite one of classmate Paula:

ընդմիշտ (uhdmesht): forever

Until next time…