If they can do it, so can I!

March 6, 2013 |  by

As promised: the following blog post has nothing to do with politics :)

Yesterday, it snowed. It was very nice to see the snow which was the second one since I arrived. It was light equivalent to drizzling rain, but left some white stuff on my clothes and on the ground.


Not dandruff…SNOW!

When I started to get dressed to meet Allen at AUA to attend a lecture on Prospects for Global Macroeconimic Growth, I looked at the casual, flat boots that I have been wearing nonstop and I didn’t want to wear them. I looked to the right of them and saw my heels. For a second, I thought I probably shouldn’t wear them. I will fall flat on my face when walking down the stairs to the metro, but then it hit me: if they can do it so can I!

The women here walk around in the most outrageous heels all the time. Liana at Ianyan Mag documented this trend long ago in the series, The Yerevan Street Shoe Project.

{Source: www.ianyanmag.com}

Be it boots or stilettos, wedges or pumps, the women of Yerevan walk around in them no matter what the weather condition may be. Rain or shine, you see women in some intense shoes.

{Source: www.ianyanmag.com}

So why couldn’t I wear heels in this light, snowy condition? I put my heels on and walked out the door. Walking to the metro was a challenge. I was mostly looking down in order to not step in a puddle but the women walking around were moving briskly as if they had a sixth sense to step in the right spot. Maybe their third eye is located in their feet and that is why they can avoid the uneven pavement, puddles, and other road dangers.


I made it to the metro unscathed. I even ran from the escalator to catch the metro which was about to leave. Definitely an accomplishment. I made it to the lecture which was very interesting with lots of great Q&A. Looking forward to more of them.

Below is the new report on the lecture; it starts at 11 minutes and 11 seconds:

Allen and I walked back to the metro to come home. The route home was going to be the most challenging steps in my heels-in-snow day. We walked through our shortcut aka shady alley (future blog topic). Allen and I played frogger as we criss crossed across the puddles to get to the sidewalk and walk to our apartment. At the end of the night, I survived. No bumps, no scraps, no bruises and only a bit of dirt on my heels*.


*Full disclosure: the shoes I wore were not Alaïa gladiator sandals or Margiela plexi wedges. Those are on their way on a ship in the middle of the ocean. I wore very comfortable Ecco 2’’ (5.08cm) mary janes. More updates on the walking in various heels across Armenia to come…